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Wash Station

Pet Wash Station

Are you tired of washing your dog in your bathtub? Just got out of the dog park and your furry baby is now a mud monster? Do you have a dog who hates bath times and runs away? Why not give our wash station a try?

Our Station

At Pet Station, we have a specially designed area and an elevated tub for a pleasant and easy wash experience for you and your furry baby. Choose your favorite shampoo from a wide range of options for fur and skin sensitivities, offer delicious treats to your furry baby while giving them a bath, and dry them with a professional dryer and towels. We provide everything for you! Stop by our store today and give our station a try. It is only $7.99 plus tax per dog.

We provide everything for you!

-Elevated tub 
-Hypoallergenic Shampoo
-Professional dryer 

*No appointments required
*Pet parents please make sure your fur babies are up to date on their vaccinations. Please wait at least 48 hours after any vaccination is administered to use our Wash Station. Proof of vaccination in the form of paperwork is required.


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