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Honest Kitchen

Our founder, Lucy Postins, asked, “Why is my dog having skin problems and ear infections—could it be his diet?”

And that “why” led to others:
Why are quality standards for pet food so much lower than for people food?
Why do companies say “natural ingredients” but refuse to share their sources?
Why are most popular pet foods so heavily processed?

The unsatisfying answers to these questions (and more) led us to create far better options. Over 15 years, we’ve crafted a full line of 100% human-grade foods that are far safer, healthier and more delicious than most mass-produced brands.

We make and serve the best food possible to the pets we love, and help so many passionate pet lovers do the same.

If your furry companions eagerly lap up their current food and show all the signs of true happiness and health, keep up the good work. But if you ever find them shy of 100%, please ask our favorite question. “Why?” A higher quality food just might be the answer.

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